Friday, December 31, 2010

60s Fashion

The fashion of the 1960s featured a number of diverse trends. The mini-skirt was invented in 1965 by Mary Quant. The new generation was ready for new fun clothes and not those of the 50s. The people wanted fun, whimsical, and modern apparel. Most clothes of the 60s were youth driven. It was an absolutely wonderful time to be a model. The clothes were beautiful, youthful, and fun. Commercials got witty and lovable. The decade broke into soo many fashion traditions which started to mirror social movements during the time period. As fashion broke out the girls of the generation became more free and weren't about to take any shit from anyone. For awhile in our history it was a time of equal-ness for some. Bell bottom jeans and tie-dye shirts became another huge trend. In the early 60s all eyes were on First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. Pillbox hats and pastel colored, short boxy jackets, and over-sized buttons suits were in. Shifts became a new fashion trend and for evening wear women wore full-skirted ball gowns. Stiletto-heeled shoes were also widely popular. And in the mid 60s FASHION EXPLORED!!! Carnaby Street and Chelsea's Kings Road were virtual fashion parades. Mini dresses, big colored hats, and Velvet mini dresses. The clothing wasn't stiff, it was new and glamorous and fun! I could go on for hours but I think its a good idea to stop here so you can explore it even more.

(Photos from Child of the Moon. images from Google)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Revolution

I'm currently reading Pattie Boyd's book, "Wonderful Tonight." It is called Wonderful Tonight in the U.S. but in England its called "Wonderful Today:George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me," or just, Wonderful Today. The book is amazing and so interesting! Pattie's childhood had its hard times with her unloving mother and abusive stepfather but with hard times comes the memories of a good childhood. She lived in Kenya when she was a little girl. Looking back on the time Pattie says in her book, "I loved the huge skies, vast landscapes, the incredible feeling of space, and the sky at night, full of bright, bright stars, so close you felt you could reach up and touch them." It sounds amazing and soooo wonderful!! I would love to visit that time period and experience her Kenya. She always talks about the revolution of the 60s. She was at the center of it living in London and being a model. The time sounds lovely and I would give everything to have experience it! The fashion, the people, the atmosphere of the of the whole thing was amazing! And as Pattie puts it,"King's Road was like an exclusive school playground." The friendly streets were adorned with hot modern boutiques and market stalls. "Everyone looked glorious and was so relaxed and friendly," Pattie comments in her book. She was right it the middle of the 60s revolution. The new generation was throwing out the rule of book of those before them. They were ready to begin a new life. The women where coming out and were ready to go to work than wait on hand and foot. The new generation was different then anything like it! The way we thought and look at things was over. Life was restarting. They wanted love and peace and happiness to fill their world. The revolution was called, "the Swinging Sixties because its fall or relaxation toward some social taboos like sexism and racism. The 60s was a real turning point for our world and I would love to have been apart of it.

The Sixties

I'm forever in love with the atmosphere, culture, and music of the Sixties. The time was amazing and if I could go back in time to the period (I was never there) I absolutely would.the world was a beautiful time and everything was starting over. The rule book of those before us was forgotten and we did what we wanted. Woodstock forever changed the face of music as did the Beatles. People were friendly, happy, and relaxed. The hippie movement was here and we ready for it. The time will never be forgotten. The time shaped our world.