Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Story Behind the Iconic Photo

Hey everyone. I found this article and thought it would be great for a mini post. I'm currently sick so I don't really wanna be typing, researching, and looking for pictures. Anyways hope you enjoy the article!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Style Inspiration: Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger was one of the most fashionable ladies ever, so it's no surprise when someone uses her for style inspiration. Last month Jennifer Lopez did a photo shoot for Vanity Fair. In the picture above, Jennifer mimics Bianca, who was often seen wearing white suits and hats with veils and feathers. Though I am not a fan of Ms. Lopez I saw this picture and right away thought of Bianca. Mrs. Jagger could rock the white suit like no other. She was known for her unique but stylish outfits. She often accessorized with hats, feathers, jewelry, and even canes. Whatever she was wearing Bianca Jagger made a style statement.

Pictures from (Diet) Coke and Sympathy and