Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two Beautiful Birds

Marianne Faithfull and Pattie Boyd were probably the two top it girls of the Sixties. With their beauty and style they they became queens of the 60s scene. They were both muses and lovers to some of the most famous musicians. Every girl wanted to be them and every guy wanted to date/marry them. Their charm and elegance was unparallelled. Songs were penned about the two instantly by songwriters at just the mere thought of them, mention of their name, or a small glance of them. Both Marianne and Pattie are two of my idols. They are just so lovely and amazing. Everyone who saw Pattie or Marianne fell in love with them at that very moment. Their picture perfect life on the outside made everyone jealous. Inside, things weren't as they appeared. Fights, drug abuse, neglect, and affairs soon became their everyday life. But they survived and are now living happily. They have truly lived the life of sex, drugs, and rock & roll.