Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What a Drag it is Getting Old, Kids are Different Today

Happy belated birthday to Mick Jagger who turned 68 yesterday. He's still rocking hard and has even formed a new group, Super Heavy. He lived the life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll and survived. He's never slowing down even though he sang, "What a drag it is getting old". So he may be be 68 but once a rocker always a rocker.

Title: "Mother's Little Helper"- The Rolling Stones

Monday, July 25, 2011

Me, I'm waiting So Patiently Lying on the Floor I'm Just Trying to Do My Jig-saw Puzzle Before it Rains Anymore

I found a great picture of Marianne Faithfull doing a puzzle of Sandie Shaw and Sandie Shaw doing a puzzle of Marianne. It's so cute. If you don't know who Sandie Shaw is you should really check her out! She was a famous singer in the Sixties, often seen barefoot. The Barefoot Queen reined over the music charts with hits like, "(There's) Always Something There to Remind Me", "Girl Don't Come", "Long Live Love", and "I'll Stop at Nothing". Anyways I just wanted to do a small post because I'm working on a bigger one which will be up soon.

Title: "Jig-saw Puzzle "- The Rolling Stones

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beatle News

Hey everyone, big Beatle news! First off a documentary of George Harrison is going to be released! It includes never before seen footage and interviews from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton,Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison, Phil Spector, Tom Petty, The Beatles' producer George Martin, and Monty Python stars Terry Gilliam and Eric Idle. I hope Pattie is interviewed but probably not. :( The three and a half hour film is produced by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese and Olivia. The film is named after George's 1973 album "Living in the Material World", it traces the guitarist's life from his working class beginnings in Liverpool to his fame with the The Beatles in the 1960s, and his solo career. I can't wait to see the film which premieres on HBO in two parts this Autumn and on the BBC in November. The other news is is never before seen photographs of the Fab Four's first U.S. concert fetched $360,000 at auction in New York. The photos are AMAZING. I will provide links to articles about George and the Beatle photos. Have fun reading!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yellow Submarine

I'm SUPER excited because today I got the invitation for my baby cousin's 1st birthday!!! The theme is Yellow Submarine. I want to get a really great gift that's Beatle inspired or Beatle related. I love my little cousin he's super adorable, sweet, and just over all amazing! I have no idea for a gift. I was thinking about a shirt or onesie but I would like getting something more..special I guess. Maybe I'm over thinking this but I want to get something he'll really like and can use for awhile. So does anyone have any ideas? Remember he is only going to be 1 so he doesn't need some collectable thingy. (Wow good grammar ;) ) Thanks for any suggestions!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Commercial Queen

Besides being a glamorous model and wife to George Harrison and Eric Clapton Pattie Boyd also starred in commercials. L'Oréal employed Pattie to star in their commercial for Dop Pearlized Shampoo. In the advert Pattie is seen driving through a car wash, washing her hair with Dop. In the end of the commercial Pattie is followed by many men in cars because of luxurious hair. In the next advertisement, Pattie is seen going around town enjoying herself, looking ever so glamorous and fabulous. (Like that's anything new!) Pattie's secret is Pond's Creams. She is shown applying it and suddenly looks out the window only to find hundreds of men waiting for her. (Again like that's anything new!) I love the commercials, they are super retro and fun to watch. They are very eye catching especially because Pattie is in them. :) Unfortunately the Pond's Creams commercial is in Spanish and though I tried translating (yes I know Spanish :) it was hard and I think you don't really need to know what they're saying to know what's going on. I'm not sure what year the commercials are from but if anyone can tell me I would appreciate it!

Monday, July 11, 2011

And Then While I'm Away I'll Write Home Every Day

As we all know The Beatles had a very tumultuous breakup. In the end everyone was hurt, friendships were broken, and the world lost the greatest band in the world. Paul McCartney and John Lennon who were arguably the closet in the group had the most damaged friendship. Lennon often criticized McCartney and wrote songs about their friendship. But as years went on they started to mend and began to rebuilt their relationship. Their rebuilt alliance is shown in a postcard that John and Yoko sent Paul, Linda, Heather, and Mary while in Denmark. It's very sweet and I thought I should show you. There was still love to go around even after the break up.

Title: "All My Loving"- The Beatles

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Hard Day's Night

Today, July 6th, 47 years ago, in 1964 The Beatles first film, A Hard Day's Night premiered in London. Before premiering, the movie screened at the London Pavilion cinema in Piccadilly Circus, with thousands of Beatles fans gathering outside. The ever growing crowd caused a giant traffic jam. The black-and-white mockumentary followed a day in the life of John, Paul, George, and Ringo better known as The Beatles. They were joined by Paul's grandfather (Wilfrid Brambell), their manager (Norman Rossington), and their road manager Shake (John Junkin). The film opens with a hoard of fans chasing The Beatles. They escape on a train stationed in Liverpool bound to London to preform for a television broadcast. On the train the Fab Four meet challenges with babysitting Paul's grandfather. The man might be old but sure knows how to get into mischief. A running joke in the movie about grandfather McCartney is that he is a "clean old man." The Beatles finally arrive in London but are trapped in their hotel while fans scream outside. The group explores what the hotel has to offer but lose grandfather in the process. Ringo finds in a man whose clothes were taken by grandfather, in the hotel closet reading the newspaper and smoking. They are then taken to the theater were they are to preform. Forced to endure a press conference and rehearsal The Beatles escape the building by a fire exit and run around. Eventually they return but Paul's grandfather who is "a real mixer" convinces reading Ringo that he should be outside experiencing life instead of reading books, so Ringo goes off by himself. He walks along a canal, gloomily while the other bands members search for him. He is arrested for loitering and meets Paul's grandfather. They escape and the concert goes on as planned. A Hard Day's Night is my favorite Beatles' film because of their comedy and quick wit. Another great part about the movie is the music. Music from The Beatles' third album A Hard Day's Night, (obvious but I thought I would say it) is featured in the film. "A Hard Day's Night", "I Should Have Known Better, "I Wanna Be Your Man", "Don't Bother Me", "All My Loving", "If I Fell", "Can't Buy Me Love", "And I Love Her", "I'm Happy Just to Dance with You", "Tell Me Why", "She Loves You" all appear in the feature film. The action packed film's sharp comic script, and dreamy musical segments for the swooning fan girls, made the it a huge financial and critical success. The picture made The Beatles more rich, more famous, and more adored. I think the best thing about the movie was George Harrison meeting his future wife the lovely Pattie Boyd. Pattie said, "On first impressions, John seemed more cynical and brash than the others, Ringo the most endearing, Paul was cute and George, with velvet-brown eyes and dark chestnut hair, was the best-looking man I had ever seen. At a break for lunch I found myself sitting next to him. Being close to him was electrifying.” Pattie made an uncredited appearance as one of the school girls on the train. "Prisoners?" was her one and only line. At a break for lunch Pattie found herself sitting next to George. The two who were very shy, didn't say a word but as filming came to an end George asked Pattie, "Will you marry me?" Pattie thought it was a joke and laughed. "Well, if you won't marry me, will you have dinner with me tonight?" George asked. Pattie said she couldn't because she had a boyfriend already. She soon realized she made a huge mistake. For one she didn't love Eric Swayne (her boyfriend) and second she felt a connection with George. She broke up with her boyfriend and ten days later, went to Twickenham Studios to take promotional photos for the movie. Each of the school girls (who were really models) had to stand behind a Beatle and pretend to do their hair. Pattie made a beeline for George. He was pleased to see her and asked how her boyfriend was. Pattie told him that she had dumped Eric and George who was very happy to know Pattie was available asked her out to dinner. On January 21, 1966 they married. All I can say is all's well that ends well. :)