Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beatle News

Hey everyone, big Beatle news! First off a documentary of George Harrison is going to be released! It includes never before seen footage and interviews from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton,Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison, Phil Spector, Tom Petty, The Beatles' producer George Martin, and Monty Python stars Terry Gilliam and Eric Idle. I hope Pattie is interviewed but probably not. :( The three and a half hour film is produced by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese and Olivia. The film is named after George's 1973 album "Living in the Material World", it traces the guitarist's life from his working class beginnings in Liverpool to his fame with the The Beatles in the 1960s, and his solo career. I can't wait to see the film which premieres on HBO in two parts this Autumn and on the BBC in November. The other news is is never before seen photographs of the Fab Four's first U.S. concert fetched $360,000 at auction in New York. The photos are AMAZING. I will provide links to articles about George and the Beatle photos. Have fun reading!

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  1. I cannot WAIT for the movie(s)! I talked to a guy who helped a bit on it, and he said it should be great. :) I agree, they probably won't interview Pattie as it'd be a bit awkward for Olivia.
    Oh, and those photos are fabulous. Imagine having those in your basement! That guy was so lucky...