Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jenny Boyd

Born as Helen Mary Boyd on November 8, 1947 her sister, Pattie Boyd nicknamed her Jenny after a favorite teddy of hers. She was born in Guildford, Surrey, England and was the 3rd child of Colin and Diana Boyd. She along with her other siblings spent part of their childhood in Nairobi, Kenya, from 1948 to 1953. In 1952 her parents divorced and her mother remarried. During this time her sister Pattie was away at boarding school and had no idea. In Pattie's book she recalls that when she came from a break at school her mother told her that he was her new father. The marriage would prove to be unhappy for Jenny and her siblings. He was abusive and her mother was in denial about it. Like Pattie before her, Jenny was sent off to boarding school. After Pattie was done with her schooling she moved out of the dreaded house and started working as a shampoo girl. Of course this didn't last and Pattie soon became a model. Jenny would follow in her sister's footsteps and she herself became a model. Before she did this though she met Mick Fleetwood. In his book he recalled, "I met Jenny when I was still in the Cheynes...I'd see Jenny coming home from school, a stunning fifteen-year-old in white stockings. I lost my heart to her immediately. I had a massive crush on her, but was so shy I couldn't say anything to her. I knew then, at age sixteen, that this was the girl I was destined to marry." The two would get together but the relationship would be on and off. But to get back to Jenny and her modeling. Jenny was beautiful, lovely, and pretty. She had the classic 60s bangs, the face, and the perfect sister to help if she needed it. I think Pattie was incredibly beautiful and for me she stands out as a "bird" of the 60s. But which Boyd sister looked better??? It doesn't matter. Their sisters and they care about each other not looks. Anyways Jenny did some great shoots and looked great. She often was with Pattie and The Beatles and went to India with them. The singer Donovan fell in love with Jenny and even wrote a song about her, "Jennifer Juniper." The two dated for awhile.(I think :D) After returning she and Mick Fleetwood picked up their relationship and had two daughters,Lucy and Amy Rose. After problems like touring and drug use, they divorced. Jenny would then marry Ian Wallace. They unfortunately divorced. Even through the hard times Jenny has kept happy and beautiful. I love her and Pattie. They seem to have a great relationship. I would love to have Pattie as a sister. And if I would sometimes have to travel with the Beatles, so be it. That's what sisters do, stick together. Anyways they are both beautiful and awesome. I'd love to met them! Go Boyds!!!

From Left to Right, Pattie, Jenny, brother Colin, sister Paula and Diana Boyd

From Left to Right, Jenny, Pattie, Colin

Left: Jenny & Mick Fleetwood posing with daughters, Lucy 4, and Amy, 6

Jenny Boyd Fleetwood holding daughter Lucy, 3, backstage at Lake Austin with Stevie Nicks

Jenny Boyd and Mick Fleetwood arriving back at Heathrow Airport after a U.S Tour, February 17, 1970

(Pictures from Piczo. And if you have any questions about the photos just leave a comment, and I'll answer. Thanks)


  1. Great pics! Great blog, glad I stumbled upon it!

  2. I was on that course in Rishikesh in spring of '68, and had some good times getting to know Jenny and Pattie as well. I wrote a wrote a book about the whole Rishikesh/Maharishi experience that I'm now trying to get published. If you or anyone else is interested, feel free to drop me an email. (riblakely "at" earthlink 'dot' net.

    Richard Blakely

  3. I'm a fan of Jenny and Pattie, too, but as far as hanging out with them and touring with the Beatles, etc--remember that they used drugs. Have you read Pattie's autobiography? I was shocked to find the extent they used drugs. They would sit around with Pattie's young brother rolling the joints for everyone! That is terrible! And they honestly couldn't see anything wrong with this. And Pattie still uses alcohol.

  4. She a ho. Cheated on Mick.

    She. A. HO.