Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Fast Looks

I found pictures of the lovely Pattie Boyd doing a photo spread for American Vogue back in 1971! Pattie really didn't do much modeling in the 70s so any photo shoots from that era are a great find! Though I couldn't find much information on the pictures I can tell you that they're from American Vogue February 1st, 1971 and they are for a section in the magazine called,
The New York Spring Collections for Day. The Fast Looks.

The pictures are amazing! In the first picture she is seen stepping off a sleek Beechcraft Duke 60. And I personally think that Pattie looks like a hot badass Mod in the second picture. In the next she has very cute rocker top and what appears to be a cowhide bottom. And I love those feathers in her hair! Just a great outfit with a wig and she transforms into a whole new person! I recommend looking this issue of Vogue. It is laid out very nicely and there are incredibly nice outfits. Models Gunilla Lindblad, Pat Cleveland, Editha, and Catherine Deneuve appear in the magazine. (Catherine Deneuve is on the cover) I just love 60s and 70s fashion!

(pictures from Ciao Vogue.com)

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