Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunny Days Brings Smiles

Hello! Today was soo much fun! I have a break so my friends and I decided to hangout. We went to shops where we looked around and laughed our butts off. First we went to an art store and mostly played and petted the little white doggie that was there. Next we went to a used bookstore and found some very umm..interesting books. We left fearing that we would do something stupid. Then we went to a clothing store and had soo much fun. They had the coolest sunglasses there and the cutest clothes. They were soo freakin expensive though! But my friends and I loved looking around. The only one who didn't care was my tom boy friend. She just rolled her eyes and laughed when we went super girly. We also tried on hats and let me tell you I discovered that me and my other two friends can rock hats. We look great in them! (haha)Then we went to like a candle relaxing store. The guy at the front was little weird and it smelled not to good. We left as soon as we arrived and went to a toy store to goof around. We played with the toys and one of my friends rode a toy horse that was outside the store and the girl at the desk nicely asked her to get off. It was funny sorta because the lady looked stress already and to see us in our "army" loud and loud (but nice and careful!!) just sorta stressed her out more. Needless to say I think she was happy when we moved along to the next store. It's sad to see a store go out of business unless you hate it. Well I had drove past this store before and thought it looked cool and I wanted to go in. It was a painting store and it was very nice. But then I found a picture of Tiger Woods and laughed my butt off. I was nice though and only showed one friend so I didn't start a riot! We crossed the street and went to the other side of the downtown. We went to a kooky retro store. It was pretty cool but it was a little gaudy. It did have a lot of Pan Am bags. I immediately thought sixties and The Beatles. Next on our journey we passed a glass antique shop and when one friend asked if we should go in we all answered, "NO!! We would break something!" We laughed and decided to get froyo. It was fun and I was the slowest eater because I kept taking pictures of us eating and looking crazy. We talked and joked around. It was really fun and we all decided to honor a friend of ours who just had a seizure with our froyo. He's better and out of the hospital but is getting brain tests. We quickly moved on from the dapper moment and ate and laughed. After eating we left the downtown and played volleyball at a park. But that didn't last for long and we found ourselves chucking the ball at each other. It was a great day filled with laughter, happiness, and funniness. I can't wait to go back!

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