Saturday, August 27, 2011

She's Like a Rainbow Coming Colors in the Air Oh, Everywhere

You might not know her but you will now. Florence Welch is the lead singer of Florence+The Machine and is known for her soulful pipes. She is immensely talented woman with a quirky, retro, weird style to match. Lace is one of the main staples in Florence's outfits. In this way she mimics Stevie Nicks. When she isn't wearing lace she's wearing leather. She can often be seen with leather jackets or boots. Perhaps a Joan Jett influence? Or maybe just a plain old rock star look. She also wears hats and John Lennon esque glasses. She is also often seen with feathers too. On stage she becomes a wild animal. Her clothing comes alive and shows yet again her strange sense of style. One day it's feathers and the next it's long flowing gowns. Florence loves her colors but is often seen in neutrals likes black, brown, and white. Maybe she does this to show off her fiery red hair. (She's actually a medium brown hair color.) The girl likes her vintage pieces too. A source said, "she has thousands of unique pieces, everything from vintage gowns to garments she’s been given by Karl Lagerfeld." She also incorporates her style into her music videos. Her style is incredibly unique, quirky, strange, but awesome. Reportedly the 24-year-old wants to team up with her stylist Aldene Johnson to create an inexpensive collection that could be destined for Topshop. I love the girl. Her voice is AMAZING and she seems like such a nice person too. I have a bit of an obsession with her. She's one of those new artist that in a way is like Amy Winehouse. A retro creative soul in a modern day body. Her lyrics are carefully written and her songs have meaning like those musicians of the past. Florence Welch might not be a household name yet but she will be soon. She's like a rainbow.

John Lennon Esque Glasses

Awesome Rocker Chick

Florence wearing an Anna Sui design

Title: "She's Like a Rainbow"-The Rolling Stones

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  1. Aw I love her, her stage outfits are just beautiful.

  2. I totally agree. BTW I checked out your blog, LOVELY