Sunday, June 12, 2011

Carrie Anne

One of the best inspirations for male musicians/songwriters are girls. We're amazing, beautiful inside and out, creative, smart, and funny. We're pure diamonds. Marianne Faithfull had every one of these qualities plus more. She was every inch a girl. So it was no wonder that she inspired many songs. Most of the songs were written by her famous companion Mick Jagger. Sympathy for the Devil, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Wild Horses,She Smiled Sweetly, Let's Spend The Night Together, and I Got the Blues were all inspired by Marianne. But other men got her attention when she went on tour to promote her hit single "As Tears Go By." The tour featured many acts including the hit group, "The Hollies." Allan Clarke, Graham Nash, Tony Hicks were (in my eyes) quite taken by Marianne and inspired to write a song about her. In May 1967, the Hollies released "Carrie Anne", one of their best known singles and a personal favorite song of mine. The song would became a classic but the identity of Carrie Anne remained a mystery. It wasn't until 1995 that Graham Nash revealed the identity of Carrie Anne. He said he had written the song about Marianne and was "too shy" to use her real name. How sweet! Though Marianne has never commented on the song, I know if I was her I'd be honored. The song has a very up beat tempo and Allen Clarke provides great vocals. Marianne won over everyone over with her charm, beauty, and personality. It's no wonder she inspired soo many songs and people.

Actually my favorite version of the song is live in 1969. I think the studio version isn't that great and the live performance is much better!

You're so, so like a woman to me
Oh like a woman to me
So, so like a woman to me
Like a woman to me

People live and learn but you're still learning
You use my mind and I'll be your teacher
When the lesson's over you'll be with me
Then I'll hear the other people saying

Carrie Anne, Carrie Anne, Carrie Anne, Carrie Anne

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  1. awh she's so pretty, love marriane faithfull AND your blog :) xxx