Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Paul!!!

Today is the birthday of legendary Beatle and musician, Paul McCartney!! The cute Beatle turns 69, can you believe it! Born in 1942 on June 18th to James "Jim" and Mary McCartney at Walton Hospital in Liverpool, England. James Paul McCartney started his music career when he met John Lennon and the Quarrymen when he was 15 at a church festival. He hit it off with John and the two formed a close friendship and started writing songs together. The two took over the band and soon George Harrison joined. Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best joined soon after Harrison and the group changed their name to The Beatles. (Has a lovely ring to it don't you agree?) Stuart left the group in 1961 and died of a brain hemorrhage in 1962. Pete Best was replaced by Richard "Ringo" Starkey. Brian Epstein became their manager. George Martin (their producer who produce every album except for one) got them signed to EMI's Parlophone label. They released their first single and the rest as they say is history! They gained HUGE success in England and America. They led a revolution in music and inspired everyone. Their music was new and fun. They joined the sixties revolution and fought for peace and love. They introduced fashion to the world and broke a cord when they appeared with their shaggy hair cuts. Their songs were youthful, poppy, and full of love and new ideas. They battled politics with their songs Taxman, All you Need is Love, Come Together and many more. Paul helped lead the Beatles to their greatest and was a focal point in the band. His puppy dog face and charm made girls fall in love immediately. Paul wrote and co wrote many of The Beatles hits. The happiness and fun soon became pressure and tension. The Beatles were all going in different directions. George was becoming very religious, Paul had met Linda and wanted try new music and get away from the fighting, Yoko and John met and she became his world, and Ringo was sad to see his friends fighting and was having troubles in his marriage. Paul released his first solo album, McCartney that announced his departure from The Beatles. The band broke up and Paul was upset and became a drunken fool who would lay on the couch reaching for the bottle. His lovely Linda soon got him back up on his feet and they formed Wings. The couple also started a family having three children, one adopted by Paul that was Linda's child from a first marriage. Wings had massive success and Paul became a legend. The music he made was so creative and new. His work never ceases to amaze me. After Wings broke up Paul made tons of solo albums and became the definition of awesome. Paul is a hero to me. He is an incredibly nice person, caring, loving parent, creative musician, and amazing performer. He has inspired me and everyone else. He's amazing and wonderful. He is getting married again ad he seems to be in a good place right now. I bet he enjoyed his birthday very much this year. Happy Birthday Paul, hoped you had a great one! Thanks for everything! (And I bet he's gonna have a great Father's Day tomorrow!)

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  1. Fab post, I love me some Paulie. You included a lot of my favorite McCartney songs, too!

    I've given you the Top Ten Award! Have fun with it. :)