Saturday, March 12, 2011

Children of the Sixties Part 1: Mommy and Me

Anyone born in the Sixties should be proud to say, "I'm a child of the Sixties!" They were born during a revolution filled with new music, new fashion, new ideas, and much more. They were born during the war, Beatlemania, the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King (My own dad was born that year in 1968),the moon landing, and Woodstock. They were welcomed into the world with the option of doing what they wanted. For some the first face they ever saw was their mom's. Even if they didn't they still loved them with all their hearts. Though there were so many births in the Sixties I wanted to focus on the stars of the time who welcomed a bundle of joy to their lives. So here are some of the top women of the time with their children.

Jane Fonda's first and only daughter was born on September 28, 1968 in Paris, France. She is named after actress, Vanessa Redgrave. She was born during Jane's marriage to Roger Vadim. She is now an independent producer and cinematographer.

Jane Birkin's first daughter, Kate Barry was born on April 8, 1967. She was born during Jane's first marriage to John Barry, an English composer who wrote the musical score to the James Bond movies. Kate is now a photographer.

Audrey Hepburn's first son of two, Sean Hepburn Ferrer was born on born on July 17, 1960 in Lucerne, Switzerland. Audrey had two miscarriages Before having Sean. She deeply wanted to be a mother and was sadden when it didn't work out. She was over joyed when Sean was born. He wrote a book about his mother called, "Audrey Hepburn: An Elegant Spirit".

Michelle Phillips' daughter Chynna Phillips was born on February 12, 1968. Her birth name was Gilliam Chynna Phillips. She would follow in her mother's footsteps by singing in the group, Wilson Phillips. She married William Baldwin in 1995 and they had three children together.

Sophia Loren's first son, Carlo Ponti Jr. was born on December 29, 1968. He was born during her first and only marriage to Carlo Ponti. The baby was named after his father. A nickname for Carlo Jr. was Cipi. He is now married with one child and is a orchestral conductor of Italian origin.

Marianne Faithfull gave birth to her first and only child, Nicholas on November 10, 1965. He was born a year after Marianne's hit single, "As Tears Go By" was released. She was still at the top of her career when he was born. Marianne left Nicholas' father (John Dunbar) in 1966 to be with Mick Jagger. In 1970 her relationship with Mick Jagger ended and she lost custody of Nicholas. This was during her over the top drug use. She is now drug free and has a good relationship with Nicholas.

Jackie Kennedy gave birth to John F. Kennedy Jr. at Georgetown University Hospital sixteen days after his father was elected to the presidency on November 25, 1960. He was born in Washington DC. He was nicknamed "John-John" by the press but his family did not use it. For most of the first three years of his life, he lived in the White House. He was in the public spotlight since his father's inauguration as President of the United States in 1961. His father was assassinated on November 22, 1963, and three days later, on John Jr's third birthday, the funeral procession was held. He was then raised by his mother and his step father. He along with his wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren died in a plane crash on July 16, 1999. He was only 38.

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