Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hair, There, and Everywhere

In the 1960s hair was a statement everyone made. Many had what I call, "the classic 60s bangs." Some wore their hair short, long, up, and down. Twiggy made an impact with her short hair as well as Vidal Sassoon. All lengths of hair had different styles. Some wanted their hair to be as straight as possible while others wanted their high as the sky. The Beatles made an impact with their mop-top haircuts. They along with many others broke the mold. The hair revolution was a important step in style for the generation.


Penelope Tree

Pattie and Jenny Boyd

Pattie Boyd

Jenny Boyd

Anna Karina

Marianne Faithfull

Audrey Hepburn

Jane Fonda

Edie Sedgwick
Jane Birkin

Mia Farrow

Sharon Tate

Michelle Phillips

France Gall

Sandie Shaw

Ronnie Spector

The Supremes

Marsha Hunt

Goldie Hawn

Jackie Kennedy

Jane Asher

Francis Hardy

Natalie Wood


The Beatles

Brigitte Bardot

Maria Muldaur

Sophia Loren


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